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4 Ways To Create High Converting Website

Do not read this post unless you want to create a high converting website that will drive website conversion. In other words, unless you want more customers or clients via your website, stop reading right now. 

Great, let’s talk about how we can make your website a customer generating machine! The problem with many websites out there (and probably even yours) is that it was built as either a graphic design masterpiece to show off your designer skills or as a hastily put together after-thought in a rush to start your business.

So, in an effort to take you from “meh” to “OMG—I can’t believe all these customers are contacting us,” let us show you how to refocus website into a money making machine!

There are 4 ways and we'll dig in 1 by 1

Start With a Great Website Foundation

Every website needs a solid foundation. Just like your house, there’s no point painting the walls if you built it on quicksand. Same goes with a website. You’re not going to get a website conversion from visitors who stay for a second then bounce. Ideally, your website needs the following in place in order to get things off to a great start:

An Attractive Design

If you want to show potential customers that you’re serious about your business, you need to present a professional face to the internet. This means having your website professionally designed or, at the very least, looking that way.

If you owned a brick and mortar business, you wouldn’t let a novice paint your storefront. It’s too important—you’d want to make sure it was done right. Well, your website needs a professional coat of paint too!

You won’t get a second chance to create a great first impression, right? Research shows that first impressions are 94% design related. So make sure yours is up to scratch!

Keep Your Website Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Like a fine-tuned car, a website needs to be maintained and tuned to run optimally and avoid hiccups. Although this may not seem that important, a lot of the things you do to keep a website running actually impact your visitors as well. Think of it this way: what would you do if your eCommerce store was down for an hour? Some examples of good website maintenance include:

  • Ensuring your Website is up to date ( Means updating plugins, themes and Integrations)
  • Keeping your website running fast with CDN, so you don’t lose customers before they even arrive.
  • Adding site security to keep the hackers out, and your website up and running

Make the Most Important Things Easy to Find

This is where your navigation and links in places like the sidebar and footer come into play. You need to ensure the most important pages on your site are easy to find to promote website conversion. Things like your contact page, your product or service pages, or any other pages of primary importance in generating income (or leads) for your business need to be super easy to find.

Don’t assume someone will go hunting. It ain’t hide-and-seek, it’s a business.

So, make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch and buy stuff. If you need an example, look no further than Piccoro's navigation menu. As you can see, each important element—from Piccoro's list of features collection to new collection and featured line —is easy to find.

Many of the above points may not seem like they have anything to do with conversion, but think about it: if your website doesn’t look great or load fast, you’re going to lose your potential customers before they even start getting to know you.

So, a solid website foundation is crucial to your success online.



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