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How To Drive Website Visitors Into Customers

Continuing from our latest blog on 4 Ways To Create High Converting Website. We started with sharing how to create high converting by starting to create a great Website foundation. Today we'll discuss on the second step; How to drive visitors towards your goal. 

Drive Your Visitors Toward Your Goals

Your website exists to get people to fulfill your main business goals. Write it down. Memorize it. This is the key to your online success.

Sure, your site needs to look great and run smoothly, but on top of that we need to make it Conversion-Focused Design.

Sounds complex? It’s actually not that hard once you know what it means. The idea is simple: always keep in mind that you’re trying to get visitors to a specific goal (or goals) on your site. What those goals depend on is you and the type of website you have.

Focusing on micro conversion will really set you up for website conversion success. Some examples are:

  • Getting visitors to sign up to your email list 
  • Luring visitors to sign up for a free and get discounts
  • Asking users to fill out your contact form and you'll get back

So, now that you see what kinds of goals you may have, how do you get users to them? The easiest way is with a call to action. This normally consists of a headline and other supporting text along with a button that takes the visitors to your goal (a page, a form, etc). Calls to action can be scattered throughout your website in strategic locations (eg. when a user is thinking about something related to your goal) as well being placed in some more common places such as: 

  • the top of each page
  • the side bar 
  • the footer
  • in a popup…and many more

One of the best places to grab people’s attention is in the first section of your homepage since it’s typically the most visited page on your website. Often, this is called the hero section of your site as it showcases your hero. No, not superman—a product, service, or offer! 

A classic example of a strategically placed call to action is See The Way I see. The brand knows the customers wanting to get hands on the product thats always sold out instantly. So they have a call to action to follow in Social Media and to sign up to receive notifications emails to keep updated on the next launch.
Obviously, these examples are focused on growing your email list, but you can take the ideas and tweak them to your business goals quite easily.
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