SEO results for Muse on the move!

Muse is a prominent e-commerce platform in Thailand, specializing in personalized iPhone cases. Stars Commerce was commissioned by Muse to provide expert SEO consulting services, incorporating both local and international SEO strategies. Within six months, this collaboration resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic to Muse's website. Stars Commerce also implemented critical technical improvements to bolster Muse's rapid growth in the competitive market of personalized accessories.

  • X80

    Impressions increased by 80x within six months.

  • 150%

    Target website visits increased by 2 million in six months.

  • 2M+

    Clicks increased by 150% within six months.

The Challenge

When approached by our client, they faced significant challenges in their online visibility and search engine rankings. Stars Commerce undertook a comprehensive approach, starting with restructuring their website to enhance user experience and optimize for search engines. We implemented essential SEO practices including keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical SEO enhancements. Through diligent strategy and execution, we successfully elevated their website's rankings across key search engines, driving increased organic traffic and improving their overall online presence.

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SEO Results for MUSE

Our approach began with a thorough assessment of our client's online presence and SEO challenges. We initiated a website restructuring initiative to improve user experience and align content with targeted keywords. Implementing essential SEO practices, including on-page optimization and technical enhancements, we meticulously optimized their site for search engines. This strategic approach resulted in significant improvements in search engine rankings, driving notable increases in organic traffic and enhancing overall online visibility.

MUSE Personalized iPhone Cases

Technical SEO Audit for Website Quality Check

Conducting a thorough Technical SEO Audit is crucial for ensuring the quality and performance of your website. Our comprehensive audit examines key technical aspects such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, and metadata optimization. We also assess backend elements like robots.txt, XML sitemaps, and canonical tags to ensure compliance with SEO best practices. By identifying and addressing technical issues, we optimize your website for improved search engine rankings, user experience, and overall site health.

SEO Content Strategy for MUSE

Improve Content on the WebPages

To elevate Muse's online presence, we implemented a targeted strategy to enhance web page content and strategy. By conducting in-depth content audits and keyword research, we identified opportunities to optimize existing pages. Our approach included refining messaging to resonate with Muse's audience, integrating strategic keywords, and optimizing for improved SEO performance. These efforts resulted in increased organic traffic and enhanced user engagement, positioning Muse as a leader in personalized iPhone cases. Explore how our tailored content solutions can elevate your brand's visibility and engagement."

SEO Results for MUSE

SEO strategy that made a notable impact

Implementing an extensive keyword optimization strategy tailored to local and international markets was pivotal. By meticulously researching and strategically integrating high-volume, low-competition keywords across our client's web pages, we achieved remarkable increases in organic traffic and improved search engine rankings. This approach not only boosted visibility but also enhanced user engagement, resulting in a substantial growth in leads and conversions.

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