Tips for Sending an Abandoned Cart Email

abandoned carts

1. Send a Targeted Email

 When sending an abandoned cart email out to your customers you need to ensure that you tailor your emails for them. For example, you want to show your customers the product(s) they abandoned when sending an email or creating a retargeting ad. By showing them the product they abandoned, it becomes more likely that you’ll convert them into being a customer.

2. Figure Out Why They Abandoned

Test different offers to determine why customers are abandoning their cart. You can do this by running AB tests with your email provider you can send three identical emails with different offers such as free shipping, product discount, and free gift. The split test will show you how much money each email made which allows you to know how to proceed for future abandoned cart emails. Did an international order abandon because of expensive shipping rates? If so, add the ePacket and free shipping delivery methods to your store. Is your product too expensive? If your store is rarely getting orders but constantly getting abandoned carts, you might want to provide those who abandon cart a discount to make the product more affordable. You should also consider changing your product price.

3. Present a Compelling Offer

When recovering abandoned carts, you need to put your best offer forward to convert the browser into a buyer. Compelling offers could include a special discount, a free gift, free shipping, or even a small gift card that can be used on store purchases. Depending on how much information you have about your customer, you might want to present certain offers to certain customers — like free shipping in countries with high shipping rates. Ultimately, split testing will allow you to determine the best converting offer.

4. Follow-up

Sometimes sending one abandoned cart email isn’t enough. An email can get buried in someone’s account or get sent to a folder they rarely check. Other times the offer you’ve presented isn’t good enough to land the sale. Sending a second email can improve your odds. You can offer a higher discount or a different offer to hopefully land the sale.


When you recover abandoned carts, you give your store a second chance to grow your customer base, improve your sales, and sell your products. The cart abandonment reasons listed in this article need to be resolved to help improve your store’s sales performance. By reducing shopping cart abandonment, you can build a sustainable, long-term business and gain new loyal customers.

Have you tried to recover abandoned carts? What’s worked for you? Share in the comments below!

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