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How much does WordPress Website Design Cost

Does WordPress cost money?

Yes and no. Technically, WordPress is free for users who select the “Free” plan. Most businesses, however, require one of WordPress’s paid plans. WordPress prices for these plans range from a couple of dollars a month to over $1,000 a month.

What WordPress costs do I need to budget for?

Businesses should budget for the following ongoing WordPress costs:

  • Subscription Free, Premium, Business, Ecommerce, Enterprise 
  • Website Domain
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Website Theme
  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Additional File Storage

As you finalize your plan, like whether you’ll maintain your site in-house or with an agency’s help, you can better estimate your WordPress website costs. You should always include a buffer in your budget, though, so you can respond to unexpected costs throughout the year.

How much does WordPress cost per year?

Per year, WordPress websites cost around $5,000 to $15,000. How much your business pays will depend on features unique to your website, like the number of pages, functionality, overall design, plugin usage, and more.

How much does WordPress cost per month?

Per month, WordPress websites cost around $400 to $1250. How much your business pays will depend on your website and its unique features. For example, your number of pages and plugins, as well as your website’s design and traffic, will influence your monthly WordPress cost.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

The cost to build a WordPress website is $3,000 to $115,000, which includes designing, developing, and launching your site. Keep in mind that your custom WordPress website costs will vary and depend on your unique wants and needs, like;

  • Number of Pages 1-10, 10-50, 50-100, 150-250++
  • Style & Design - Simple yet attractive, Moderately, World Class
  • Copywriting number of pages : 1-5 , 10-25 
  • SEO Keywords : None, 10, 50, 80 
  • Responsive Design: Yes
  • Database Integration: Basic, Advance, Full Development
  • Ecommerce Functionality: None, Basic, Advance, Enterprise
  • CMS: Standard, Advance, Enterprise

How much does it cost to host a WordPress website?

The cost to host a WordPress website is $24 to $10,000 per year — if your business chooses to self-host vs. allow WordPress to host your site. WordPress website costs for hosting will depend on your hosting plan. Companies can choose between a shared server or a dedicated service.

Professionals Web Designers

Stars Commerce Web designers are professionals. Top-of-the-line web designer knowing the ins and outs of good design and how to implement it on your site.

Get more than just web design

There’s more to web design than just designing a site. You need website copy to fill all the pages of your site. Your business needs SEO implementation and monitoring.

With Stars Commerce, web designers, you’ll get all the additional features you need. You’ll get copywriting for your pages, SEO services, and responsive design for your website. All of these features help you create a better and more functional website for your business.





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