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Why Is a Previously Top PPC Campaign Not Converting?

You have a previous or your top PPC campaign that's now not converting? Here’s how to identify what's going wrong and how troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting a declining PPC campaign requires a systematic approach to identify the underlying issues and implement effective solutions.

Here's how to pinpoint the problems and work towards success:

1. Machine Learning and Pause Strategies:

  • Understand that campaigns in a long pause might lose optimization power with the ad network.
  • Avoid constantly turning the campaign on and off, as this confuses data sets and misallocates budgets.
  • Instead of pausing campaigns, use ad scheduling to avoid wasting money during low-value hours.
  • Running a campaign with a low daily budget is better than pausing it for extended periods.

2. Outdated Practices and Account Management:

  • Acknowledge that digital marketing evolves, so campaigns can't stay complacent.
  • Look for outdated practices like match-type duplicates and inappropriate bidding strategies.
  • Be aware of deprecated options like accelerated delivery and adapt your campaign strategy.
  • Avoid overloading campaigns with excessive keywords or ad groups.

3. False Positives and Conversion Tracking:

  • Be cautious of unreliable conversion data and ensure proper tracking setup.
  • Choose whether to count "one" or "every" conversion action based on business needs.
  • Focus on meaningful conversion actions that contribute to revenue.
  • Verify that conversion tracking isn't attributing landing page views as conversions.
  • Audit for branded keywords sneaking into non-branded campaigns and take corrective action.


Is there a way to definitively say why a campaign might be working one day and not working another without seeing it?


These checks should provide a reasonable process to audit campaigns coming across your desk, and more importantly, help you help your team understand it’s not you.


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