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5 Reasons Why Your PPC Leads Are Not Converting

When a channel like PPC is responsible for driving quality leads but fails to do so, it's easy to panic or place blame.

As a PPC manager, there's nothing quite like the feeling of running a smoothly functioning account. Campaigns exceed their lead goals and stay well within the Cost Per Lead benchmark.

But suddenly, the excitement comes to a halt during a meeting. The client declares, "We're investing a significant amount in PPC. You claim that leads are being generated, yet we're not seeing conversions. Why is that?"

In the eyes of the client, it's simple to attribute shifts in performance to the PPC channel.

Yet, as PPC manager (whether in an agency or in-house), we often lack insight into what happens once a user becomes a lead. 

Here are some key reasons why PPC leads might not be converting.

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