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Marketing or Branding, Where To Start?

After our previous blog about 5 Key Differences Between Marketing And Branding we still see people scratching their heads and asking so which is better and what should they focus on? Well, its shouldn't be confusing and we'll help you understanding in this blog. 

Marketing is not more important than branding. Both branding and marketing work in sync with one another. They are both important to the success of your business, and one without the other is an expensive mistake waiting to happen. Your brand makes your marketing unique and authentic.

Branding is often used to guide your company's message and morals. While marketing is there to drive forward and attract the right leads.

Without marketing, branding is ‘just’ the heart of your company – but without branding, marketing is just another sales pitch.

When it comes to setting up your branding and marketing strategy, where should you start first? 

Marketing Gets Attention. Branding Differentiates.

Marketing may propel your business forward and help you attract more people to your website and into your business, but it’s no good if the reality of doing business with you doesn’t match the promise.

Depending on what your company’s goals are will depend on what sort of marketing strategy you want to implement. Your company’s goals are set out within your brand foundationso if your branding isn’t done successfully in the first place, your marketing isn’t going to do so well either.

Your brand is so much more than just your company colors, logo, or whatever fancy graphics you use to represent your business.

Your brand is the connection that customers have towards you and your company, which gives you the perfect platform to begin crafting an amazing marketing campaign.

There is no point in gaining attention for your company if people don’t like what they see behind the ad campaign. 

If a customer has strong positive feelings about your company, they will recommend you to a friend or family member. They’re more likely to give your new product or service a go.

A customer will be more inclined to buy what you’re trying to sell if they’re already aware of your brand. A well-established brand makes a company more trustworthy – which is what people like when it comes to parting with their hard-earned money.

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